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Teaching on the Yönten Dzö – Treasury of Precious Qualities

For the 6th year in a row Khenchen Pema Sherab will join us to continue his lucid teachings on Yönten Dzö, ‘The Treasury of Precious Qualities’. This year Rinpoche will complete the teachings on the Sutrayana section. He will finish the chapter on the ‘Precepts of Bodhichitta in Action’, which he began last year, and conclude the retreat with teachings on the ‘Paramita of Wisdom’.

These teaching are held:

LIVE in Lerab Ling 20 June – 2 July
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ONLINE 28 September – 11 October
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IMPORTANT – As we are entering the Vajrayana section of the Yönten Dzö from next year onwards, Khenchen Rinpoche has kindly offered to bestow the empowerment of the “100 peaceful and wrathful deities” (Shyitro). A shyitro empowerment is necessary if you wish to continue to attend the teachings live or online, in the next few years. The empowerment will not be shown in the online retreat!

It is not known at this time on what day the empowerment will be given during this retreat. Check the Lerab Ling website for updates. To find out if you already received the Shyitro empowerment in Rigpa click here and search the page for “shyitro” (it was e.g. given by Yangthang Rinpoche 2012 in Lerab Ling).

Please Note – The Vajrayana section of the Yönten Dzö will only be open to Ngöndro and Dzogchen mandala students. It is not be necessary to have received the previous year’s teachings on the Sutrayana section.